Jenny Ziefel's Clarinet and Saxophone Studio

During the corona virus outbreak, lessons will be on Zoom until there is a vaccine. In person meetings can be arranged as a one-off in Kirkland once the maintenance on that space is completed. 

Zoom Lesson Tips:

—Get the app for Zoom so that you have access to the settings.

—Have the device set up so that your face and hands are visible.  A side view is ok as well.

—If possible, use an external microphone and wired headphones. This is usually the best sound quality.

—Check your Audio Preferences and test your audio before the lesson. The following settings will more clearly convey your articulation and tone. 

     —Please go to the advanced settings and enable Hi Fidelity Music Mode (computers only). 

     —Check Use Original Sound in the Meeting Settings on tablets and phones 

     —The box on the screen should say Turn Off Original Sound for lessons.

—Make sure that you have all of your music and any recordings you need to use for the lesson at hand. Play recordings on a separate device or separate screen on a computer so that they are audible to all parties.

—Have a pencil handy for notes.

—If possible, have the light source in front of you.  If it’s behind you, it can obscure the view of your face and hands.

—Play 3 feet or more away from the microphone and lean in to speak.  The instrument is louder than a normal speaking voice.

—Turn off your virtual background because it can obscure the instrument and your hands.