Jenny Ziefel's Clarinet and Saxophone Studio

Playing a recital for the first time can be a bit daunting, but there are a few guidelines that can make it less frightening.
–First, arrive with plenty of time before the performance starts–it gives you time to warm-up and to address any problems you might be having (like nerves, reeds, or finding the stage). 15 minutes is about the minimum amount of time to get comfortable.
–Second, ask other players for help if you need it.
–Third, when it is your turn to play, introduce yourself and your piece (ask Jenny how to pronounce the name ahead of time if you’re not sure), take a deep breath or 2 while you think about your piece, and play.
–Fourth, when you’re finished, TAKE A BOW to thank the audience for their appreciative applause and exit the stage with dignity. After this, put your instrument away and sit down to listen to the other people playing.

Please remember to be a good audience member–the person on stage can see and hear the audience, so behave as you’d like the audience to behave for your playing.  Behaving quietly and respectfully towards both the performers and the owners of the space will make the recital more enjoyable for everyone.  Talk with the other players and your family at intermission(s) and at the end–most performers are friendly and don’t mind questions! Lastly, stay for the entire performance–after all, the last person needs an audience too!