During the school year, weekly lessons are given on Mondays (2-6:30), Wednesdays (1-6:30), and Thursdays (2-8:30) Metropolitan Music in Kirkland (11815A 124th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98034) and Tuesdays (2-8:30) and Saturdays (10-6) at Metropolitan Music in Seattle (8414 5th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115).  Summer lessons are on a different schedule.  Please see the current information page for more.  Lessons cost $35/half hour lesson if you pay for individual lessons, $34/half hour lesson for monthly payments (due at the beginning of the month), and $33/half hour lesson for quarterly payments in September, January, and April.  

Please notify Jenny 24 hours in advance of a missed lesson or as soon as possible in case of emergency or illness.  Students must pay for missed lessons without appropriate notification.

There are 2 recitals a year, one in the winter and one in late spring. This is an excellent opportunity to get experience performing and to hear other clarinet and saxophone players.

Reeds 101 classes happen sporadically throughout the year when 2 or more people want to learn how to fix reeds and make them work better. Email Jenny if you are interested.

Assignments are given at each lesson to be practiced over the course of the next week. Recommended practice times are: 20 minutes a day 5 days a week for beginners, 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week for intermediate level players, and 30+ minutes a day 6 days a week for advanced players.